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About Janette


As a highly accomplished professional, Janette stands out from the competition due to her radical success in performing leasing activities, nurturing Investor relationships, and well as tenant relationships, and accomplishing scalable and high-visibility residential/commercial projects.

Janette is Real Estate Manager at Oakridge Premier Property Management. She is also our Business Development Manager.

Janette went to Merced College and studied Business Management and Accounting. She obtained her real estate license and found her niche by specializing in property management. She holds a Texas Residential Leasing Specialist and a Texas Residential Property Manager Designation through Texas Realtors. She has been a Board Member of the National Association of Property Mangers Fort Worth/Mid-Cities Chapter. She is also an Investor who has built and owned 3 National Franchises and is working on her own RV Park Resort, and understands when the Real Estate market changes, that there are so many ways to invest in Real Estate and she can help.

Property Management has always been her primary focus and she is instrumental in scaling up operational performance by assessing efficiency through dashboards and metrics. Amongst her many other talents, project/program management, customer service, risk management, continuous process improvement initiatives, onboarding, retention strategies, and new business development are her strongest suits. Throughout her long length of professional history, she has developed a rock-solid reputation and credibility with executive management, key clients, and employees. While others take pride in meeting all standards set before them, her passion is delivering service that goes beyond organizational expectations, while creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved! 

Janette favorite charity is Careity Foundation which helps provide direct care that saves lives, gives hope, eases pain, and allows cancer patients and families to focus on healing. She has also been big into supporting Animal charities and has participated as a volunteer for her local animal shelter in Weatherford, Texas and has traveled to help the Animal Protection League in Stockton, California. She instilled in her children to always give back and demonstrates it by buying meals for Veterans and Active Military in Honor of her Father, who she lost during the Vietnam War.

Janette has 2 children, and 4 grandchildren of which she raised her two oldest grandchildren. She loves to travel and goes to Bicycle Rally’s all over to ride 30 or 40 miles for fun. She is a great singer and loves to go to karaoke venues. Loves watching volleyball after being a Volleyball Mom for 11 years taking her all over the US and Puerto Rico.

Adrienne Rowell

REALTOR®, Real Estate Manager

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