A business checklist image depicting building a property investment portfolio.

The Dallas-Fort Worth real estate market is expected to see the completion of 25,000 apartments by the end of 2023.

This increase in availability gives you the potential to increase your property investment holdings. Our advice is to be extremely choosy when making decisions about properties.

The criteria you use to purchase income properties differ from those used to buy a home of your own. Knowing the difference will help you choose the best properties to reach your portfolio goals.

Checklist for expanding your property investment portfolio

When searching for property investment opportunities, make sure you are selective, ensuring the property you purchase aligns with your return strategy. Following are the criteria you should consider when building your real estate portfolio.

  1. Location. Tenants will look for things like walkability, public transportation, and distance from restaurants, groceries, schools, and parks. There is a higher demand for rental housing in high-growth areas. There is consistent demand for rentals near major employers and universities.
  2. Condition. If you can find a fixer-upper in a prime location, it may be worth considering, if you can negotiate a great price. The investment of time and effort rehabbing will pay off in higher rents and increased equity. Make sure professionals perform a thorough inspection. Avoid properties with major health or safety issues unless you have the time and money to deal with these kinds of problems.
  3. Market. The best time to increase your portfolio is when the sales market dips. You will get a better price on the property and can expect rents to increase when the sales market climbs back up since fewer people can qualify to buy a home when prices increase.
Make the right choice with a trusted investment partner

The My Real Estate Property Management team is dedicated to helping our clients make excellent choices that serve larger investing goals. We’ll help you evaluate potential investment properties and re-evaluate the ones you already own to build a profitable portfolio that’s tailored just for you.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about selecting income properties to maximize your return. We’re ready to talk about your goals.